Jordan Kepler is the driving force and artist behind every blade. With a background in industrial design Jordan has always loved working with his hands. His first blade was created in 2015. Since then he has honed his skills, learning from master blade smiths and working hard to advance his craft with each creation. In 2021, he won the popular History channel show Forged in Fire and then went on to create his brand Rancher.

Rancher Blades are heirloom pieces that can be pasted down for generations and are the ultimate tool for any man or woman. The Rancher lifestyle is outdoor oriented and represents a strong legacy of craftsmanship and rugged authenticity. Rancher Blades are hand forged in Colorado by knife maker Jordan Kepler. Each damascus blade is unique and created from high carbon steel. Exotic hardwoods and precious stones are used in the hand finishing process to create each artisan blade.

When not making one of a kind blades you can find him with his wife, dogs, and horses in colorful Colorado.